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Diagnosis checklist of symptoms to match against known issues


Sources of printing issues: this is a list of the common kinds of things that can be wrong with your printer, at the bottom of this page is a list of symptoms matched to possible causes.


Wobbly build platform: this is caused by a loose screw in the buid platform locking latch and can cause dramatic print failures 


Stained PDMS layer in resin tank: this will inevitably happen after a given number of prints with pigmented resin, and can cause "soft" print failures


Broken laser : you might not expect this, given the laser has no moving parts, but they can break


Part bases too thin : the resin tank is mounted on tensioned springs, adjusting these will fix this, or perhaps your resin VAT has too much PDMS


X and/or Y dimension inaccuracy : see galvo adjustment


While trying to update the Firmware, Error "Could not open DFU device" - put your Form1 manually into DFU Mode





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