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Page history last edited by kevin holmes 10 years, 2 months ago

Formlabs offical Resins


Formlabs currently offers three Resins: Clear Resin, Grey Resin, White Resin


Formlabs has been announcing all along, that there are many more different Resins yet to come.

A lot of people (especially Monger Designs) are waiting for a Resin that is compatible with "Lost Wax Casting" which is a process that has it's main purpose in Jewellery making.


Hybrid Resins


Monger Designs has done some experiments with blends of Form Labs resins and B9 Creator resins, with promising results when it comes to increased resolution, lower viscosity, and much higher detail and surface quality of the prints.


3rd Party Resins


Madesolid have just started shipping their indigogo backers Form1 resin - results will be here soon.


Spot A materials have recently released two Form1 resins; Spot GP and Spot HT, the latter will apparently stand up to temparatures over 100degC so is suitable for casting vulcanising rubbers and silicones - again results will be here soon





Comments (2)

Etienne Renaud said

at 4:41 pm on Jan 31, 2014

Is anyone willing to name the advantages/disadvantages and possibly different purposes of the official Formlabs Resins "Clear," "White" and "Grey" ?

Unfortunately we weren't able to test any of these yet...

MongerDesigns said

at 2:38 pm on Feb 3, 2014

All the Formlabs resin colors would give you similar results. It's just a preference of color. I did see the white in person though, and it's nice.

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