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Wiki Policy

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on January 31, 2014 at 8:08:08 pm

Anarchy of Trust

This wiki has to exist, evolve, and grow without rigid leadership. There are no funds to support it, and all contributors are donating of their free time - which means that it is unlikely much time will be spent policing the wiki, if at all.


Therefore - please, please - be both as tolerant, and forgiving as possible with fellow contributors. Any feuds will rapidly implode the wiki.


When another contributor edits your content, or adds something you object to, and the new content is obviously wrong (to you), then stop, take a moment, think about the most tolerant and forgiving response you could make - then throw that away and be even nicer. Or - make no response at all, wait and see if any of the other contributors also think the change is wrong.


Content: the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth... about the Form1

Content should be restricted to information you know or believe to be fact, and that you believe may be useful to other Form1 users. Try as hard as possible to exclude - opinion, criticism, even praise, but most especially criticism. The wiki must be an impartial factual resource, anything that another contributor could see as objectionable risks content feuding and subsequent inevitable wiki implosion.


Subject to the first guideline (be diplomatic); if any contributor sees content that is not factual and/or obviously of no use to other Form1 users, then they should feel free to remove it, or edit it to remove portions of it that are criticism.


Comments are a grey area; a comment is easily and obviously attributable to a particular contributor - so these first two guidelines while still crucial, can be relaxed a little in comments. But please don't treat them like a forum, dirty laundry and flamewars belong here: http://support.formlabs.com/categories/20100046-Community-Forums


Admins and new contributors

Several prolific posters were picked through Kevin's observation of the Formlabs forums and invited to join as administrators. All of these admins can and should add new contributors in whatever roles they think suitable, including new admins. Newly added contributors should be asked to read these guidelines.


Space - only files under 1MB please !!!

Since the wiki has no funds, we have to use a free service - and here on pbworks we only have 2GB to operate within (much better than google sites 100MB) - so please don't upload large files. Obviously images are fine, 2GB is enough for 1000's of pics, and hopefully we will end using a significant part of that 2GB on embedded pictures. Files larger than 1MB should be posted as links to external downloads.


Pop Quiz

Did you spot the deliberate violation of wiki policy on this very page?? Great - you passed, go forth and inform!

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