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Are you one of the admins or authors of this wiki?


Why not share some information about yourself and your work, especially what you have purchased your Form 1 for?


Kevin Holmes


Monger Designs


Dylan Jackson




Vince Erb


Ard Van De Leeuw




Mike Joyce - the man behind the B9C


Korben Dallas - Manic protoyper with a penchant for red heads.


Madesolid - resin manufacturers, according to their indigogo campaign it seems they are initially focusing on resins for the Form1.


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Lars Herrnsdorf said

at 2:54 am on Jun 20, 2023

Bought the FORM1 long long time ago 2012 to make small 3D prototypes for a 3d CT sensor design , recently (June 2023) want to start use it again , dismantling it , cleening it from uncured resin inside and put it together , amd it is still operative , try to use the openfl but have not yet managed to use it with the python library and share the same resin that I use for my new Elegoo 2 3D printer.

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